• Central Christian School uses the best textbooks available that meet our criteria of academic excellence while presenting God’s truth. We hold ourselves to a standard of using books that are academically sound and morally appropriate.  

  • CCS believes in active and creative learning in a caring, and accepting environment.

  • We strive to develop positive attitudes and a foundation of disciplined schooling habits that will encourage our students to excel in the years to come.

At CCS, preschool is a place where children are loved and where children love to be. We offer K-3, K-4 and K-5 classes to lay a foundation for future academic areas, develop language skills and promote cooperative social skills with others. We desire that each child in the preschool feels loved and accepted and develops a strong sense of self-confidence along with a love for learning, and an eagerness to discover new things.

Each child is unique, with unique talents and interests, and we seek to help each one experience success in learning. Our caring Christian teachers plan age-appropriate activities designed to introduce our preschoolers to the wonders of learning, helping them grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Through participation in class activities, music programs, and field trips, our preschoolers learn about their responsibility to God, their family, their school, and their community. Bible lessons are taught every day and they learn that God loves them and that He cares for each of them. Daily learning activities include reading, beginning math concepts, science, social studies, art, and music. We utilize the ABeka curriculum in our preschool, which we believe to be the best foundational phonics-based reading program available. Planned activity time in the classroom and daily recess on the playground provide many opportunities for play and physical development.

Whether learning letters and sounds, making handprints for an art lesson, or running on the playground, our students soon discover that learning is fun at CCS!


K3 – K5 Curriculum

The CCS Elementary Department strives to provide its students with more than an excellent education for future learning.  Our Elementary program provides a solid Christian educational foundation for students by helping them to develop spiritually, academically, physically, and socially.  Central to this purpose is a godly and caring faculty who are skilled in implementing a comprehensive curriculum and instructional program.
Daily Bible lessons are taught that develop spiritual character in our elementary students.  The Christian curriculum in the lower grades provides students with a strong emphasis on the phonics program, which develops reading skills and comprehension.  Beginning in first grade, students experience development of math skills, along with classes in science and social studies.  All elementary students participate in additional classes that include music, art, computer,  physical education and elementary spanish.  Educational field trips are used to supplement and reinforce the academic curriculum.  The Accelerated Reader program is also utilized to help instill in children the love of reading and to reinforce reading skills and comprehension.

At CCS, we want to instill in our students a lifelong love of learning which will serve them well today, tomorrow, and into the future!



Elementary School Curriculum

Central Christian School and its qualified and committed teachers provide a structured program of excellence for the Middle School student in grades 7-8.  This can sometimes be a challenging period in a young person’s life and we strive to guide students through middle school with an solid academic curriculum and many extracurricular activities all from a perspective of a biblical worldview.  Responsibility, good study habits, and appropriate social behavior are emphasized in the classroom and in all activities.

Boys and girls discover their own potential and develop a love of learning as well as self-discipline as they are carefully guided by teachers, coaches, and school leaders.  Our goal is to prepare them to excel once they reach High School.
Classes include Bible, English, math, science, history, study skills and physical education along with classes in computer, art and music.  Some students may earn high school credit as 8th graders in Algebra 1, if they are accepted into the Honors Math program.

Middle School Electives

High School students are faced with a host of changes, excitement, and new experiences as our society continues to change and provide more challenges for them as young adults.  More and more, where they attend school can make all the difference in their success.
Central Christian School provides the opportunity to enjoy this exciting time of a young person’s life in a dynamic, challenging and safe Christian educational environment, while providing them with a foundation for life-long learning.

The staff at CCS constantly evaluates the curriculum to provide college preparatory courses that will equip students to be extraordinary thinkers and Christ-honoring decision makers.  The curriculum is designed to challenge students to reach his or her maximum potential. While the main focus is on core courses, such as English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Language, and Bible, it also offers students a variety of elective choices. Among the elective courses available are many offerings in the Fine Arts.  Weekly chapels and two annual retreats help promote the students’ spiritual development.
Our goal is that each student graduate fully prepared to pursue his/her future goals as a young adult. In order to be fully prepared, each student should be equipped with a biblical worldview, possess necessary academic skills, and exhibit the maturity (emotionally, morally, and spiritually) needed to flourish in their communities, which will in turn glorify God.

High School Curriculum