Welcome to the Saints Nation!

Welcome to CCS Athletics. Our athletic program is geared to complement our academic program and we believe it is a vital part of the educational process. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide programs that allow students to identify and use their God-given gifts and talents, increase their skill level, and to enhance their overall competitive development in a Christ-like manner. CCS athletes are coached to compete with an emphasis on Christian character, teamwork, and godly attitudes. Our athletes understand that they glorify God when they practice and play with skill, strategy, and spirit. Win or lose, we choose to bring honor and glory to God. We want to be competitive but also have perspective. We want to win humbly and lose gracefully. We want to maintain good attitudes that reflect positively on ourselves, our sport, and Central Christian School.

As the Athletic Director and a coach, I desire to involve students in a positive, life-challenging experience through athletics. All the coaches will challenge their athletes to compete at their highest level while maintaining a solid Christian character. The challenges in a competition can bring out the true character and we desire to instill in our athletes the desire to remain consistent in their attitudes whether winning or losing on the courts or fields that we play every week.

With 15 athletic teams, our athletic program offers multiple opportunities to our middle and high school students. These opportunities include basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, and cheerleading.

We look forward to your support of CCS Athletics and we encourage you to get out and cheer on our student-athletes as they represent our entire school community and more importantly as they compete to honor and glorify Christ in all that they do (Col 3:23).


Michael Turner

Athletic Director