Central Christian School is a Christian K-12 school serving students in Baldwin County, Alabama!

Are you looking for a non-denominational Christian private school on the Alabama Gulf Coast?  Do you want your child to receive a constructive, quality education based in your traditional Christian values?  Do you worry about the negative or harmful influences that your child may be exposed to at their current school?

We understand how challenging it can be for parents today to ensure that their children get the kind of educational experience they need and deserve, in an environment that reflects and supports their family’s faith and beliefs.  At Central Christian School, we’re dedicated to providing our students with a good start in life, backed by a comprehensive education that will prepare them for wherever they want to go next and a solid set of core values that will help them hold true to themselves in a sometimes difficult and confusing world.  

Our children can grow to achieve wonderful things, and we want to be part of their support network, guiding them on both their academic and spiritual journeys.

Baldwin County Christian School for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Being a parent is a hugely important and sacred responsibility, and it’s filled with difficult decisions to make and situations to navigate.  You want to give your child the best possible preparation for the real-life struggles they’ll face as adults, while still preserving their innocence and protecting them from dangerous influences while they’re young and vulnerable.  It’s a delicate balance to maintain—one we as educators also understand.  Rest assured that at Central Christian School, we’ll do our utmost to provide every student with a solid educational experience delivered in the safety of a supportive, Christian classroom environment.  

Excellent Academic Curriculum

Our educators base their instruction on a carefully selected, high-quality curriculum, teaching from the best textbooks available.  We pair academic excellence with God’s undeniable truth.  As such, all our lessons must meet the criteria of being both scholastically sound and morally suitable for our students.

Accepting Classroom Environment

We create an engaging and dynamic classroom setting where students are encouraged to actively participate in their education through creative problem-solving and interactive learning.  We practice the Golden Rule, emphasizing the importance of caring for one another and accepting our differences.  

Strong Foundation in Our Christian Beliefs

At CCS, we are committed to helping students develop a positive attitude toward education that will prepare them for whatever path they choose to pursue after graduation.  Because we’re a Christian school, we’re also able to present our students with valuable, Bible-based lessons that strengthen and reinforce their spiritual lives, as well.  Our closely-held beliefs inform our teaching strategies, and we strive daily to teach our students the love of Christ.   

Christian School with Extracurricular Activities in Baldwin County, AL

So many of us have fond memories of the extracurricular activities we took part in during our own schooldays.  Some of the most important and memorable lessons of our formative years take place outside of the classroom.  We want the next generation of students to have the same kind of fun, character-growing experiences, too!  That’s why Central Christian School offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities for our students.  Children and teenagers who participate in groups and activities outside their regular scholastic subjects enjoy a number of potential benefits:

  • Creative self-expression
  • Development of new skills
  • Improved ability to cooperate and work as a team
  • Increased physical activity
  • Encouragement of healthy habits
  • Strengthened school spirit
  • Formation of new friendships
  • Higher motivation to attend school

Is your child interested in participating in student athletics?  Do they show an inclination toward playing music or singing?  Maybe they like the idea of helping the drama group put on plays.  Whatever pursuits your child gravitates toward, we encourage a positive and supporting environment in our extracurricular activities, giving our students the chance to safely stretch, grow, and try new things.

Private Christian School on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Have you seen enough here to know that you’re possibly interested in having your child attend Central Christian School?  We invite you to give us a call or contact us online with any questions or to get started in the enrollment process.  We understand that this is a big decision, and we’re eager to give you all the information you need to make a well-informed choice.  We hope you’ll get in touch soon!