Are you considering enrolling your young child in a Christian school in Central Baldwin County, Alabama?  In addition to our K-12 classes, Central Christian School in Robertsdale, AL, offers an excellent pre-K Christian education.  If you’re looking for a safe, supportive pre-K school to get your child off to a great start, we’re here to help!  

Many parents today are looking for a private school that aligns with their traditional Christian values.  They want to limit their child’s exposure to negative or harmful influences, instead seeking a learning environment that will support their family’s beliefs and ideals.  As a non-denominational private school, we offer a constructive and quality early education that upholds Christian principles while preparing our young students for the next steps in their education.  Those impressionable early years are also an exciting and adventurous time for our children—the perfect time to teach them that learning is fun!

At Central Christian School, our K3-K5 students enjoy a nurturing environment that encourages their natural curiosity about the world, fosters self-confidence, primes them for success in the classroom, and teaches them daily about God’s love.  

We invite you to come join us and discover the benefits of a Christian education!

Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 School in Robertsdale, Alabama

As a parent, you hold a significant responsibility in shaping your child’s future.  A big part of that is ensuring that they receive the best education possible, but weighing all the options can be a daunting task.  We understand!  Parents of our pre-K students have done that research and soul-searching, ultimately deciding that they can trust Central Christian School to provide a stable educational foundation for their children.  We hope that you, too, will appreciate our commitment to creating a supportive learning environment that promotes not only excellence in academics, but also the inestimable value of a strong spiritual foundation.  We strive every day to provide the Robertsdale area with access to the best Christian education possible.

Pre-K Private Christian School in Central Baldwin County, AL

Our pre-K educators are committed to delivering an amazing experience for our youngest students to set them on the path to success in school!  

We endeavor to do the following for each and every child in our K3, K4, and K-5 classes:

  • We provide them with a sound base for their future academic studies.
  • We promote language development for a firm grasp of communication skills.
  • We encourage cooperation with others and the  growth of social skills.
  • We reinforce each child’s awareness that they are loved, valued, and accepted.
  • We foster a love of learning, as well as healthy curiosity and an eagerness to explore.
  • We fortify their self-confidence and sense of self-worth.  
  • We teach them daily of God’s love for them, using Bible lessons to strengthen their understanding of core Christian principles in an age-appropriate way.

Christian Preschool with Music, Art, and Academics in Roberstdale, AL

Our preschool recognizes the unique talents and interests of each child.  We’re dedicated to providing our pre-K students with the tools for success in learning.  Our teachers plan age-appropriate activities designed specifically to introduce children to the joy of learning, promoting growth in all areas—spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social.  

At Central Christian School, our preschoolers learn about their responsibility to God, family, school, and community through engaging and entertaining class activities, music programs, and field trips.  Daily Bible lessons teach them God’s love and care for each one of them.  Our pre-K students participate in educational activities that introduce and explore reading, math concepts, science, social studies, art, and music.  We use the ABeka curriculum, which we believe to be the best foundational phonics-based reading program available today.  Both in-class activities and daily recess on the playground provide ample opportunities for our students to play and enjoy plenty of healthy exercise.

Private Christian Pre-K School on the Alabama Gulf Coast

If you’re considering enrolling your child at Central Christian School, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!  Whether you have questions or are ready to start the enrollment process, we are here to assist you.  We understand that determining the right pre-school for your child is a significant decision, and we’re excited to provide you with the answers you need to make your choice.  We hope to hear from you soon!