Central Christian School offers an excellent private education for students near Daphne, Alabama.  We are a private Christian school located in central Baldwin County, just a short drive from the Eastern Shore.  Because we understand the importance and value of extracurricular activities, our school also presents students with opportunities to explore music and drama as part of their educational experience.  Keep reading to learn more about what our school has to offer!

Daphne-Area Christian School with Music and Theater

Central Christian School is a non-denomination private school serving students in grades K-12 in the Daphne area.  We provide an education founded on a Christ-centered curriculum, designed to prepare our students for life after graduation— not only academically, but also in terms of developing a Christ-like character and a strong sense of spiritual well-being.  

We also recognize that extracurricular activities, including theater and music, have a great deal of value for our students.  These types of experiences broaden their horizons, encourage them to discover new skills and abilities, and provide balance in their lives.  

Four Benefits of Music and Drama Enrichment for Students:

1.  Provide students with cultural education and new interests.

Music education or drama class introduce students to a more sophisticated world of culture beyond their everyday experience.  These classes not only help them appreciate some of the finer things in life, but they also present opportunities for students to engage in the arts themselves, which can be even more rewarding.  An interest in drama, art, or music can stay with a student for life, becoming a recreational activity they’ll enjoy for years to come.

2.  Allow students the chance for creativity and self-expression.

We all need some form of a creative outlet, children and teens included!  Music and drama classes are a great way for your child to relax, explore our beautiful world, and exercise their imagination.  We always encourage our students to be supportive of one another, creating an atmosphere where they can comfortably share new ideas and creatively express their different perspectives.

3.  Help students establish and strengthen self-confidence.

Extra-curricular activities like the arts allows students more chances to build up their confidence, away from the pressures they may sometimes experience in a typical academic classroom setting.  We work together and encourage one another, as part of our drama and music classes.  We test our capabilities and improve over time, learning as we go.  Through dedicated practice and rehearsal— and taking part in recitals and performances— students learn to recognize, trust, and develop their unique, God-given talents and abilities.  

4.  Give students something fun to look forward to at school.  

Even with good teachers, caring friends, and a supportive family, going to school day in and day out isn’t always fun for students.  Everyone has off days or subjects they don’t enjoy as much.  More exciting and interesting classes like drama and music help keep students motivated by providing a change of pace from the usual academic classes.  They give our students something different to look forward to in their school week, encouraging them to take a more positive view of school.  Anything we can do to keep our students actively engaged in their education is a good thing!  

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