Are you considering private education for your child?  If you’re looking for an excellent private school in Baldwin County, Alabama– a school that shares your Christian values– consider Central Christian School, centrally located in Robertsdale, AL.  We are a non-denominational private school for students in grades K-12, where your child will receive a sound education centered on the teachings of Christ.  We want the same thing for your child that you do:  a solid foundation that will provide them with the best possible start in life.

Christian Private School in Central Baldwin County, Alabama

Many parents today are increasingly apprehensive about the quality of the education their child is receiving, as well as the type of social culture children are exposed to while at school.  Central Christian School understands these concerns.  We appreciate the challenges of raising the next generation in a complex and often confusing world.  Our mission is to provide an educational experience that will prepare our students for adulthood and ready them for life’s challenges.  

We teach from a high-quality academic program– one in accordance with God’s Word and our traditional Christian values.  Our staff believe that our job doesn’t stop with teaching facts, figures, and methods; we are committed to also helping our students strengthen their Christian character, discover and develop their God-given talents, and be their best.  

Private School with Extracurricular Activities in South Alabama

At Central Christian School, we believe that children and teenagers have a lot to gain from extracurricular activities, which is why we offer a variety of activities and opportunities for fun, growth, and self-expression outside the classroom.  Extracurriculars give students a chance to be creative, improve their physical fitness, learn new skills, and form stronger bonds with other students.  Students at Central Christian School have many extracurricular options to choose from, including a variety of athletics programs, drama, music, and more.  Whatever activities your child chooses, we promote an attitude of positivity, encouraging students to support one another and appreciate each person’s unique skills and talents.  

Private School with Community Service Activities in Central Baldwin County, AL

Central Christian students take an active role in community service.  Participating in these types of activities benefits both the community and the students involved.  These are hands-on learning experiences that improve self-confidence and give our students a stronger sense of connection to their community.  CSS students see first-hand how they can exert an influence for good on the world, sharing and demonstrating Christ’s love through their own kindness, generous spirit, and willingness to help others.  

Community service puts into action many of the most valuable lessons we teach every day in the classroom, but taking part in real-world projects brings the message home more powerfully than words alone can do.  This is our goal:  To share God’s love by example and make a positive difference in the world around us.

If you’re considering Central Christian School for your child, please give us a call or contact us online.  
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