Central Christian School offers students in Roberstdale, Alabama, an excellent private education with Christian values.  These days, more and more parents are seeking a school they can trust to provide their children with a solid, Christ-centered education.  We’re a non-denominational school for students K-12, conveniently located in central Baldwin County, AL, and we believe that a values-based private education can make an amazing difference in your child’s life.  

Christian Private School in Central Baldwin County, AL

At Central Christian School, our teachers and staff understand the complex challenges of raising and educating children in our often volatile modern world.  We follow a high-quality academic program grounded in God’s Word, with traditional Christian values at its core.  Our goal is to provide a balanced education that prepares our students for life after graduation, strengthens their spiritual character, and encourages them to do and be their best.  We offer a well-rounded education that readies our students for life’s challenges.

Private School with Extracurricular Activities in Robertsdale, AL

Central Christian School offers a variety of extracurricular activities for our students to enjoy.  We understand that children and teens benefit from opportunities to grow outside the classroom– chances to stretch their creative muscles, develop their physical fitness, bond with their fellow students, and support one another.  

Our extracurricular activities include a range of athletic programs, music, drama, and more.  We always promote a supportive and positive school spirit, uplifting one another and celebrating our unique skills and abilities.

Our students are also active in community service– something we believe benefits not only the community, but also the students themselves.  We share and demonstrate Christ’s love through our own acts of kindness and generosity.  These service-minded extracurricular activities help students feel more connected to the world around them, with a better awareness of how their actions affect others.  A CSS student learns that they can and do make a difference in the lives of others.


Are you considering Central Christian School for your child?  Please give us a call or contact us online with any questions!