Central Christian School provides a private high school education for students in the Daphne area who have previously been homeschooled.

If you’re in Daphne, AL, or elsewhere on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore and are searching for a private school that aligns well with your homeschooled teen’s educational needs, Central Christian School could be the perfect choice for your child.

It’s common for parents who homeschool to look towards private schools as their children approach higher grades. The increased complexity of advanced subjects can make them daunting for parents to teach.  In many cases, it’s been years since they studied those topics themselves, and often our children excel in different subjects from our own areas of natural skill, inclination, and experience.  In order to give your child the best education possible, sometimes you need outside help.

For other homeschooling families, changes in circumstance may make continued homeschooling unfeasible.  Teenage students sometimes express a desire to experience a more traditional classroom environment, or parents may see potential benefits in a conventional school setting for their child’s high school education.

Private high school after homeschooling in Daphne, AL.
Private school for homeschoolers in Daphne, Alabama.

Whatever your reasons for considering a transition from homeschooling to private education, Central Christian School is ready to welcome you. Many of our high school students have come to us directly from homeschool, so we’re experienced in helping teens handle that change smoothly and successfully.  We invite you to discover more about what our school offers to students moving from homeschooling in Daphne and the surrounding regions.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have; simply call us at the number below!

Move from Homeschooling to a Private Education Near Daphne, Alabama.

We feel that Central Christian School is a natural next step for homeschooled students in the Daphne area.  If your child will be experiencing a traditional classroom setting for the first time—or even just the first time in a few years—we offer an ideal high school environment that can meet their educational needs without sacrificing everything that you’ve loved about homeschooling.  We believe our private school has a lot to offer, compared to public, mainstream schools.  

We Offer a Smoother Shift from Homeschooling.

Switching from homeschooling to a traditional high school is a significant change that involves adapting to a new classroom setting, different daily routines, and the challenge of interacting with numerous new teachers and peers.  It can feel daunting, taken all at once.  At Central Christian School, we are dedicated to ensuring that this transition is as seamless as possible for your child. Many of our other secondary students will also be making the shift directly from homeschooling, meaning your child will be among peers who understand and share their experience. We have a wealth of experience in assisting previously homeschooled students during this period of adjustment, helping them to feel comfortable and confident in their new environment. Our school prides itself on being a nurturing and positive space for students of all backgrounds and ages.

We Promote Academic Excellence.

Central Christian School is dedicated to providing an education that equips our students for their future endeavors post-graduation. Our academic curriculum is of superior quality, meticulously crafted to ensure students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for college or any other path they choose to pursue thereafter. We are committed to supporting our students in realizing their aspirations, helping them to recognize and harness their unique strengths and academic talents. We assist them in exploring career paths that align with their innate abilities and interests.  

We Support Students with Personalized Attention and Interaction.

At Central Christian School, our smaller student population stands in contrast to that of nearby public schools, offering a key advantage: your child will benefit from increased personal attention and one-on-one instruction, support, and interaction. In environments where teachers are responsible for larger class sizes—even with dedicated teachers and the best of intentions—individualized attention can be limited. Our favorable student-to-teacher ratio enables us to provide an educational experience that more closely aligns with the personalized nature of homeschooling. This approach is not only conducive to a smoother transition for your child but also plays a crucial role in ensuring thorough understanding of academic material and fostering academic excellence.

We Cultivate a Traditional Christian School Environment.

For many families, the decision to homeschool is driven at least in part by the desire for an educational experience that resonates with their religious and personal values, rather than prematurely exposing young minds to influences that may undermine them. If this aspect of homeschooling is significant to you, you can be confident that Central Christian School is devoted to offering a traditional, Christ-centered education. Our approach is designed to nurture not just the intellectual and physical abilities of our students, but also their spiritual growth. As a non-denominational private school, we are committed to upholding, fostering, and exemplifying the fundamental Christian principles that also form the bedrock of your family’s spiritual life. These values are the basis of our philosophy and are integrated into every facet of our approach to education.

We Provide Access to a High School Athletics Program and Other Extracurricular Activities.

Does your child have an interest in joining in with team sports or other extracurricular groups? At our school, we’ve observed that many students making the move from homeschooling are keen to dive into the exciting world of student athletics, drama, and music. We value these activities, too, recognizing their potential as strong motivators that encourage students to engage more fully with other facets of their education.  Enjoyable extracurricular activities help students view school more positively, which can only be a good thing.  They provide a safe and constructive outlet for students to release energy, explore creative expression, and forge stronger friendships. We offer a diverse range of extracurricular options, ensuring that there’s something to cater to every student’s interests and talents.

Private School for Students Leaving Homeschooling in Daphne, AL: Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

Central Christian School can provide an effective high school education for homeschooled students in Daphne, AL, and the wider area of Baldwin County’s Eastern Shore.  Our school caters to the needs of students across all age groups, from pre-K to senior year.  We’re conveniently situated in central Baldwin County, we are just a short drive from Daphne.

If you’d like to learn more about what our school has to offer, we would be more than happy to provide information about our curriculum, enrollment policies, accreditations, and other aspects of our school. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or through our online contact options for any further details: