Are you looking for a private school in the Fairhope area—one that will be a good fit for your currently homeschooled teen?  Consider enrolling your child in Central Christian School! 

Many parents who choose to homeschool their children eventually make the decision to enroll them in a private school.  Often, as homeschooled students reach higher grade levels, the more advanced subject matter becomes challenging for parents to handle on their own.  (It’s difficult to teach something we can only barely remember from our own school days!)  Sometimes the family’s circumstances change so that homeschooling is no longer possible.  In other cases, the student would like to experience education in a more conventional classroom setting, or parents feel that it would benefit their child to attend a traditional school for their high school years.  

Whatever the reason you’re considering private education for your previously homeschooled child, Central Christian School welcomes you!  Keep reading to learn more about what our school has to offer students leaving homeschooling in Fairhope and surrounding areas.  If you have questions or would like to speak to someone about enrollment, please give us a call!

Enroll Your Homeschooled Child in a Private School Near Fairhope, Alabama.

Central Christian School is the perfect fit for Fairhope-area homeschooled students who will be entering a traditional classroom setting for perhaps the first time.  We offer the following benefits over mainstream, public schools:

We Provide a Gentler Transition from Homeschooling.

Going from being exclusively home-schooled to attending a traditional high school will inevitably take some adjustment.  There’s the change in classroom environment and daily routine, of course, but also the pressure of meeting so many new teachers and fellow students.  At Central Christian School, we work to make that transition as smooth as possible for your child.  Many of our other secondary students will also be coming straight from homeschooling, so your child won’t be alone in the experience!  We’re experienced with supporting homeschooled students through their adjustment period and helping them feel comfortable and confident in their new surroundings.  Our school is a supportive, positive environment for students of all ages!

We Maintain Excellent Academic Standards.

At Central Christian School, we’re committed to ensuring that our students receive an education that will prepare them for wherever life takes them after graduation.  We teach from a high-quality academic curriculum that is designed to help our students learn everything they’ll need for college or whatever else comes next.  We’re here to support our students in achieving their goals, guiding them in identifying their unique areas of strength and academic ability, as well as investigating careers that are compatible with their natural skills and interests.  

We Give Each Student Superior Personal Attention.

Compared to local public schools, we have a much smaller student body, which means your child will enjoy more personal attention and one-to-one instruction, assistance, and interaction than they would where teachers have many more students to attend to in every class.  This low ratio of students to teachers allows us to give your child a more customized educational experience that’s closer to what they’re used to with homeschooling.  It’s also better for ensuring that our students learn the material properly and excel academically.

We Offer a Traditional Christian School Culture.

Many people who choose homeschooling for their children do so at least in part because they value an educational experience that aligns closely with their religious and personal beliefs.  If this is important to you, rest assured that at Central Christian School we’re committed to providing a Christ-centered education that strengthens and develops not only our students’ minds and bodies, but also their spiritual selves.  We’re a non-denominational private school that will uphold, encourage, and demonstrate the same core Christian beliefs that your family lives by; they guide our approach to every aspect of education.

We Offer a High School Athletics Program and Other Extracurricular Activities.

Is your child interested in participating in team sports or another type of extracurricular activity group?  Many of our high school students coming from homeschooling backgrounds are eager to join in on the fun of student athletics, drama, and music.  We believe these activities have real value.  They can be powerful motivators for young people, encouraging them to engage more actively with all aspects of their education.  They’re also a wonderful way for our students to safely and productively let off steam, express themselves creatively, and strengthen the bonds of friendship.  We offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities for our students to choose from, so whatever their area of interest, they can find something they’ll enjoy!

Private High School After Homeschooling in Fairhope, Alabama: Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

We believe that Central Christian School is a natural next step for home-schooled students in Fairhope, AL, and elsewhere on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore.  We have a lot to offer to students of all ages, including teenagers leaving homeschooling to attend classes in a more traditional high school setting—and we’re only a short drive away from Fairhope, conveniently located in central Baldwin County.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our school, we’d be delighted to answer any questions you have about our curriculum, enrollment policy, accreditations, and more.  Please give us a call or contact us online: