Central Christian School offers homeschooled students a private high school education near the Baldwin County Eastern Shore. 

If you’re a parent and homeschooling educator looking for a private high school near the Eastern Shore, consider Central Christian School.  Our school presents an ideal solution for families with children who have previously been homeschooled and are now exploring other options.  In many ways, our school is closely aligned with the educational approach of homeschooling families, which makes us a good next step for previously homeschooled students.

There are a variety of reasons home educators and homeschooled students may decide that it’s time to research local private high schools.  Many homeschooling parents find a shift to private education becomes more appealing as their children reach higher grades; the increasing complexity of the subject matter can be challenging and unfeasible for home educators to handle on their own.  

Private high school after homeschooling on the Eastern Shore of Baldwin County, AL
Private school for homeschoolers on Baldwin County's Eastern Shore in Alabama

In other cases, changes in family circumstances might prompt the move from homeschooling to private schooling—or the decision may be driven by the student’s desire to enter a traditional classroom setting, complete with convenient access to extracurricular activities and opportunities to engage daily with their peers.

Regardless of the reasons behind your choice, rest assured that Central Christian School understands how seriously you take your child’s education.  We respect your dedication to ensuring the best start for your child, and we’d be honored to pick up where you’ve left off.  We’re well-versed in easing the transition from homeschool to high school and have valuable experience in helping students make this move.  We extend a warm welcome to high schoolers from homeschooling backgrounds along the Baldwin County Eastern Shore, including Daphne, Fairhope, and Spanish Fort.

If you have questions about how we can meet your child’s educational needs, we invite you to give us a call!

Transition from Homeschooling to a Private High School Near the Baldwin County Eastern Shore

At Central Christian School, we provide an educational environment that is well-suited for homeschooled students on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore.  We provide an academic and community experience that bridges the gap between homeschooling and traditional schooling without abandoning those important values and standards that led you to homeschool your child in the first place.  

Here are a few reasons why Central Christian School is a great choice for your child:

Supportive, Positive Learning Environment

Changing schools can be an intimidating experience for any child—and perhaps especially for students who haven’t experienced a traditional classroom setting before—but we aim to facilitate a smooth transition from homeschool to private high school.  Because we have experience helping students make this shift, we know what to expect and can offer support as it’s needed.  We strive to cultivate a positive and understanding community where students can learn and grow in confidence.  Our students from a homeschooling background appreciate that our smaller student body allows for more personalized interaction between students and teachers.  The increased opportunities for one-to-one conversation is closer to what they’ve been used to during homeschooling—and all our students benefit from the extra attention.

Emphasis on Academic Achievement

Our school is dedicated to ensuring that our students are well-prepared for their futures beyond graduation, which is why we follow a robust academic curriculum designed to provide students with a solid foundation for college or whatever else they choose to pursue as young adults.  We also offer guidance counseling to assist students in recognizing their potential and exploring career paths that will make the most of their unique mix of interests and strengths. 

Traditional Christian Values

Central Christian School upholds Christian values in its educational approach, offering a nurturing environment for spiritual growth alongside intellectual and physical development.  We’re committed to providing a Christ-centered education that reflects and reinforces the core beliefs that your family teaches at home. 

High School Sports and Other Extracurriculars

Many of our previously homeschooled students are especially interested in exploring extracurricular activities.  Athletics, drama, and music provide students with opportunities for creative expression, physical activity, and building friendships. For some students, high school sports and other activities outside the classroom are a powerful motivating factor in keeping them excited about attending school.  As educators, we find that athletics, music, and drama complement our academic program, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience.  

Private School for Home-Educated Students in the Eastern Shore Area

Located centrally in Baldwin County, Central Christian School is easily accessible to families from Daphne, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, and other locations in the Eastern Shore area of Baldwin County, Alabama.

We invite interested families to reach out for more information about our curriculum, enrollment policies, and what makes our school an appropriate choice for students moving from homeschooling to private education.