Are you seeking a private K-12 school in Baldwin County, Alabama?  Central Christian School is a non-denominational private school that offers an excellent education for students in grades K-12.  We’re centrally located in Robertsdale, AL, just a short drive from the Eastern Shore, the South Baldwin area, and Central Baldwin County.  At Central Christian School, your child will receive a quality private education with a strong foundation in Christian principles and values.  Our caring and qualified staff are committed to giving students a solid start that sets them on the right path for a successful future.  We believe that with the guidance and support of the adults in their lives, children and teens can achieve great things!

Private Elementary, Middle, and High School in Baldwin County, AL

At Central Christian School, we understand that many parents today are concerned about what their children may be exposed to at school.  You want the best for your child, and a big part of that is an effective education in a setting that limits harmful social disruption and unpleasant distractions that can derail their progress and diminish their happiness.  Choosing to send your child to a trusted Christian private school gives you greater peace of mind that the culture of the school will reflect and reinforce your family’s beliefs and values.  Our goal is always to provide a top-notch experience for our students—one that educates them while also preparing them for the everyday challenges we all face in life.  

Educators at Central Christian School draw from a high-quality academic curriculum to teach lessons that not only prepare students for college and employment after graduation, but also instill in them a broader understanding of how to approach life’s difficulties and problems from a Christian perspective.  We are determined to offer our students an education that builds their knowledge and expands their abilities while simultaneously strengthening their Christian character.  We wish to partner with parents to enable the next generation to meet any challenge with confidence and faith.  

Private Baldwin County K-12 School with Extracurricular Activities

Our staff understands that all work and no play isn’t what’s best for our students.  Children and teens can benefit greatly from opportunities to expand their horizons and develop new abilities through extracurricular activities.  We encourage students to engage in any of a variety of activities outside of academics.  Our students have the chance to participate in team sports, enjoy creative self-expression, explore music, singing, and drama—and more.  Sports, music, and other extracurricular endeavors give children a chance to have fun with their schoolmates, making it more likely that they’ll continue to enjoy school and be excited to attend.  Whether your child is taking part in student athletics, learning to read music, or putting on a play with other students, you can rest assured that we promote a positive, accepting attitude as part of all our extracurricular activities.  

Private K-12 School in Baldwin County with Community Spirit

At Central Christian School, we take community spirit and service seriously!  We believe that hands-on participation in community service activities is extremely helpful to our students.  These are learning experiences that help young people feel more connected to their neighborhood and the world around them.  Our CSS student volunteers gain self-confidence while taking part in community service, and these activities help them better understand how their actions can have a direct effect on others.  They see for themselves that they are capable of doing good things and sharing God’s love through acts of service.  Exercising their capacity for compassion and generosity of spirit puts into action the lessons we teach them every day in the classroom.

Private K-12 Education in Baldwin County, Alabama

Are you wondering if Central Christian School is a good fit for your child?  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!  Please give us a call or contact us online for more information.  We hope to hear from you soon!