Central Christian School offers an excellent private education for elementary, middle, and high school students in the Fairhope area.

Do you have multiple children of varying ages?  Would you prefer having them all attend the same school?  If you’re looking for a private K-12 educational institution near Fairhope, Alabama, please consider Central Christian School for your family.   We’re a non-denominational private school providing a superior education with a Christ-focused approach, and we offer classes for students across all grades, from Pre-K and kindergarten through twelfth grade.  With a conveniently central location in the middle of Baldwin County, our school is easily accessible for families residing on the Eastern Shore, including Fairhope.

Central Christian School gives our students the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional private education grounded in Christian principles and values. Our dedicated and professional staff strive to partner with our students’ parents to ensure that the next generation receives not just a thorough and effective education, but also a strong foundation that prepares them for a successful, spiritually grounded life after graduation.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Private Education near Fairhope, AL

There are many reasons why parents choose to send their children to a private school.  Quality of the educational experience is always of great importance to parents, and with private schools, you can expect a more individualized approach, with one-to-one attention.  You may also be concerned about your child’s safety at school, as well as the types of harmful messages and disruptive influences that your impressionable child could be exposed to in a mainstream classroom.  Some parents are specifically seeking a school that supports their core religious beliefs—not only through direct Biblical instruction, but also in the culture of the school as a whole and its approach to education.

Whatever your family’s reasons for preferring private education, we understand that you desire nothing but the best for your child. Opting for a reputable Christian private school like ours offers peace of mind that your child will enjoy the benefits of a safe, supportive, and focused educational environment that echoes your family’s beliefs and values.  Our mission is to provide an unparalleled educational experience that not only encourages scholastic excellence, but also equips students with the necessary skills to navigate life with wisdom and spiritual strength. 

K-12 private school for multi-child families near Fairhope, AL
Private high school for multi-kid families near Fairhope, Alabama

Our educators employ a comprehensive academic curriculum aimed at preparing students for future academic and employment opportunities while fostering a deep understanding of Christian life principles. We are committed to delivering an education that enriches knowledge, broadens abilities, and fortifies Christian character. In partnership with parents, we aim to empower the next generation to confront and overcome challenges with confidence and faith.

The Advantages of K-12 Private Education in One Location

Are you seeking a private school that can accommodate more than one of your children?  Many multi-child families prefer a school that offers classes for students in grades K-12.  Of course it’s logistically more convenient to have all your children at one school, when it comes to drop-offs, pick-ups, and school calendars—but there are several other benefits to consider, as well.  For one thing, if you find a school you like that aligns well with your family’s values, you probably want all your children to enjoy a consistent educational experience.  Sharing the same school culture and experiences can promote a healthy bond between siblings, and it’s always a comfort to know that older siblings will be on-site to help guide and support the younger ones.  Having all your children at the same school makes parental involvement easier, and you’ll be seeing familiar faces and building effective relationships with the same pool of teachers and administrators.  There’s also a financial benefit to enrolling multiple children in the same private school:  Ask about our sibling discount!

Central Christian School teaches students from the pre-K level through 12th grade, all on one campus in central Baldwin County.  We’re proud to offer families in the Fairhope area access to a quality private school experience that provides academic continuity across their entire K-12 education.  

Extracurricular Activities: Beyond the Classroom

Understanding the importance of a balanced education, Central Christian School offers a vibrant array of extracurricular activities designed to broaden students’ horizons and cultivate new skills. From team sports to creative arts like music and drama, our students enjoy a diverse selection of activities that promote personal growth and enjoyment. Participation in these extracurricular activities fosters a positive school experience, encouraging students to remain engaged and enthusiastic about their education.

K-12 private school near Fairhope with sports

A Community-Spirited Private K-12 School near Fairhope

Central Christian School deeply values community spirit and service.  We believe in the importance of engaging students in hands-on community service activities. Such involvement not only connects students with their local community but also builds self-confidence and a sense of personal responsibility to improve our world and share God’s love. Through these activities, students learn the impact of their actions on others, embodying the Christian values of compassion and generosity that we instill through our daily educational practices.

Christian K-12 school in the Fairhope area

Choosing Central Christian School in Fairhope, Alabama

If you’re contemplating whether Central Christian School is the right choice for your child’s education, we’re here to answer your questions and provide the information you need to make your decision. Because we offer a seamless educational journey from kindergarten through twelfth grade on a single campus, our school is well-positioned to provide a cohesive and enriching learning experience, whether you’re thinking of enrolling one child or multiple siblings.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our programs and how we can contribute to your child’s academic and personal growth. We look forward to welcoming you to our school community!