Are you looking for a private school in the Daphne, AL, area?  Central Christian School provides a non-denominational private education for students in grades K-12.  We’re conveniently located in central Baldwin County, just a short drive from Daphne, AL.  

Private Education for Christian Children in Baldwin County, Alabama

Central Christian School understands the importance of providing young, curious minds with a Christ-centered education.  Our excellent academic program is integrated with the principles of God’s Word.  We believe that it’s our duty as educators to prepare our students for all aspects of life after graduation.  We don’t just prepare them for college or employment; we guide them to develop a solid Christian character that will help them stand strong through life’s challenges.  

Private School with Extracurriculars near Daphne, AL

At Central Christian School, we don’t stop at just academics.  We also offer extracurricular activities including athletics and other opportunities for our students to explore and share their unique strengths and abilities.  Our school promotes a supportive and active community spirit among our students.  We encourage our students to make the most of themselves, to participate in community service, and to appreciate and support their classmates.   

If you have a child who would like to attend Central Christian School, please give us a call or contact us online with any questions!