Are you looking for a private school with an athletics program near Daphne, Alabama?  

At Central Christian School, your child will receive a private education with a strong foundation in traditional Christian beliefs.  Our non-denominational school combines a high-quality academic curriculum with a system of values that supports our students’ spiritual growth and prepares them for life after graduation.  The staff of Central Christian School understand that extracurricular activities are an important part of a well-rounded educational experience, so we provide our middle and high school students with opportunities to participate in horizon-expanding programs, including team sports.  

A Private School with Athletics Near Daphne, Alabama

Our student athletics program has participated in the Panhandle Christian Conference for over twenty years, giving a generation of our students the chance to enjoy friendly competition with their peers from other schools in the area.  At Central Christian School, we help our students approach life with a positive, can-do attitude, whether they’re in the classroom or playing on the court or field.  Our goal is not only to assist students in the development of their athletic skill and academic knowledge, but also to act as guides and mentors as they build their Christian character.  We work to reinforce our students’ spiritual strength with a closer understanding the principles set out in God’s Word.  

Benefits of Sports for Young People

Competitive sports have a number of benefits for people of any age, but they’re especially valuable for youths.
Participation in team sports can help your child do all of the following:

Practice Overcoming Challenging Situations

We all deal with difficulties and challenging moments in our lives.  The competitive environment of sports gives students a safe place to learn how to deal with these hurdles and obstacles in our path.  Caring, supportive adults are on hand to help guide students through these challenges in a positive way.  Under the guidance of coaches and other trusted adults, our student athletes learn how to recognize a difficulty and use proven strategies for dealing with and overcoming problems.  School sports also teach excellent lessons in how to graciously accept and learn from failure, because as we all know, you win some and you lose some!  

Learn the Skills Necessary for Working Well with Others

You can’t have a successful team without cooperating and striving together toward a common goal.  Student athletes learn the value of teamwork and how to put aside ego, self-interest, and minor disagreements for the sake of the greater good.  At Central Christian School, we encourage our students to value their teammates as individuals and support one another through challenging times.  The friendships and bonds our student athletes make on the field or the court have the potential to last for years to come.

Develop Healthy Habits for a Better Lifestyle

Many student athletes enjoy the benefits of developing healthy habits.  These good habits— such as exercising regularly, choosing a nutritious diet, and getting enough sleep— can promote an improvement in a student’s general health and sense of well-being.  Even better, if these healthy habits become second nature, they can continue long after graduation and result in a better, healthier lifestyle for the long term.  A more immediate benefit of frequent exercise is that it provides our young people with a wholesome, constructive way of spending all that excess energy.  Exercise is also great for reducing stress, alleviating anxiety, and naturally boosting our mood with endorphins!

Have a More Positive Attitude Toward School

Never underestimate the motivational power of sports and other extracurricular activities!  Just as adults don’t always enjoy all aspects of our jobs, students may sometimes find certain elements of the academic side of school challenging.  Even with our teachers’ best efforts to inspire and create an interesting classroom environment, it can be difficult to keep students uniformly excited and actively engaged across every subject area, day after day.  Recreational activities like school sports offer students the opportunity to take a break from their studies.  Having something fun and different to look forward to can inspire a more positive attitude toward their education as a whole.  Student sports also encourage a pleasant sense of school spirit, resulting in a more enjoyable learning experience. 

Private School with Sports Near the Baldwin County Eastern Shore

Central Christian School has an athletic program that includes 15 teams, which provides multiple choices of team sports for both middle and high school students.  Our students can choose among the following sports:

Whatever team sport interests your child, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to ensure they enjoy all the benefits that school sports have to offer!  Many members of our staff have fond memories of our own years of participation in youth sports.  We’re eager to help a new generation of young Christians make lasting memories, forge strong bonds, and learn important lessons— all in the course of pursuing their athletic goals.  Our ultimate wish is that our teams may honor God and share Christ’s love through our actions in the game and in our daily lives.

Private Education with Extracurricular Sports in the Daphne Area

Are you interested in learning more about our athletics program?  Please click here to read a note from CCS’ Athletics Director.  If you have any questions, we’re happy to provide you with more information!  Please click one of the links below, to read more or get in touch: