Fall Retreats

During September, the middle and high school students have the opportunity for a two-day retreat at Camp Baldwin. During this retreat away from school, the students can:

  • Get to know each other and form new friendships
  •  Build, renew, and refresh their walk with Jesus Christ
  •  Develop unity among the student body
  • Have fun through team competitive games
  • Spend time away from school to relax and focus on what the year will hold.


We want to provide a safe place where students will always hear the Word of God, in an atmosphere where physical, emotional, and spiritual refreshment and renewal may occur. Our main objective is to eliminate daily distractions and allow the Lord to work in the lives of our students. Over the years, lives have been given to Jesus, hearts are opened, and students walk away Friday night ready to face a new day with a different perspective. 

Spring Service Retreats

In March, the middle and high school students have the opportunity to minister to people throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties through acts of service. Each year, we take part in ministry opportunities at homeless shelters, community outreach organizations, churches, and individual homes. Students also help the elderly or those who need additional assistance with yard-work and home repairs. We clean, carry, rake, paint, plant, and serve for two days. The Service Retreat is a chance for CCS to share our students and show God’s love by being the hand and feet of Jesus.