At Central Christian School, we believe that community service is extremely important for our students to participate in and believe that the act of service is a Biblical mandate.  Not only are we acting as the hands and feet of Jesus and showing love to our neighbors, but community service can have numerous positive effects on students.  


Volunteer work can range from the relatively simple, like helping coach an Upward basketball team, to the much more complex, like starting a non-profit that helps people in your area.   Students find that they are able to develop skills in leadership, communication, working well with a team, and finding solutions for problems.  


During high school, our students are required to participate in community service projects prior to graduation.  We encourage students to give of themselves and in turn, they will reap the benefits of their work.  


Community Service Graduation Requirements

Service hours count as the final exam in Bible and count 10% of the final Bible average.  The minimum requirements for each high school year are listed below:


                  Grade                                      # of hours

                    9th graders                                   8

                  10th graders                                   10

                  11th graders                                   12

                  12th graders                                   16



High school transfer students must meet prorated quotas based on time of transfer.  This amount will be determined by the administrator and verified with the parent/student. This program is coordinated and verified by the high school counselor or administrator.


Work which would qualify could include the following verified categories:


1.                   Parks and recreation work


2.                  Volunteer help to the elderly


3.                  Painting/Yardwork/Housework for handicapped/elderly


4.                  Mission Trips


5.                  Nursing home ministry


6.                  Pro-life Pregnancy Center


7.                  Habitat for Humanity


8.                  Fire Department/Police Department


9.                  Goodwill/Salvation Army


10.                Downtown Soup Kitchen/Rescue Mission



Approval must be obtained from the High School Supervisor for any service not listed. Community Service Forms are found in the Appendix or are available in the school office. Hours should be turned in by the last day school of the current school year.  Students are strongly encouraged to seek opportunities to serve others and their community through local churches and service organizations.