The Student Government Association is comprised of students from the 7th-12th grades of the school. Each year the student body votes to elect representatives from each class as well as officers. (Officers must be upcoming 9-12th graders and to run for the offices of President and V.P. the students must be entering 11th or 12th grades.) The next election will be held a few weeks after the start of the new school year. Requirements to run for office include a recommendation from the school sponsor, a letter of recommendation from a pastor, and a minimum 3.0 GPA.


Once elected, the SGA meets regularly to discuss upcoming events and make suggestions to the school from the student body. Our Student Government hosts the Homecoming festivities and banquet each year in January. Most often the SGA is seen serving our school at the many special events held each year. An SGA representative/officer is a student-leader.